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BY international Patent & Trademark Firm will take care of trademark registration to China.

Please call us for inquiries+81-3-3527-9704


We will support your trademark registration to China.

The system by which the application information "can be seen"

Management System

With the BY's system, you can check application information through customer's own website, or you can contact us directly without e-mail.

Which application is progressed to which process?

At the customer's own website, you can check that your requested application is in what kind of situation.
Since you can view easily the information, for example, the number of applications do you request for us, a filing date, a registration number, limit for OA correspondence, it is not necessary to manage separately in the company.

With the system, we can communicate with our customers more smoothly.

The customer's own website has a talking board function by which you can communicate with us directly through the website.
Since we are checking the contents written in the talking board at any time, we can communicate with you for an inquiry, consultation, etc. regarding to an application smoothly. Moreover, since we will contact you using the talking board, it is possible to carry out the necessary procedure for trademark registration to China still more quickly.

Trademark registration to China by BY

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